Music Anion Detox Foot Spa Machine Device Foot Massage Machine Instrument UK Plug 220V

Music Anion Detox Foot Spa Machine Device Foot Massage Machine Instrument UK Plug 220V

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  1. Improve the body's ability to detoxify, relieve the body organs detoxification burden.

  2. The energy ion penetrates into the body through the pores and the cell membrane, replenishes negative ion for body.

  3. Accelerate metabolism, with fluid circulation, fast, safe and effective discharge of accumulated toxic waste in the body, so that the human body gradually restore health. 

  4. Widely used in pedicure shop, beauty salon, massage shop and family. 

  5. Support listen to decompression music, plug the earphone into the hole in front of the instrument, and then put on the earphone.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Plug: UK 
Voltage: 220V
Display panel:
1. Route A time
2. A-way mode
3. Ion concentration
4. B-way mode
5. Route B time
Button functions of instrument panel:
1. Route A detox switch
2. A-way mode switching
3. Display the concentration of ions in channel A, corresponding time flashing when channel A selected
4. Display the concentration of ions in channel B, corresponding time flashing when channel B selected
5. B mode switching
6. MP3 play and stop
7. Route B detox switch
8. MP3 cycle button 
1. Before use, insert the power cord, function plate and wrist strap plug into the corresponding socket, put the function plate into the basin filled with water, put on the wrist strap, put the feet in the water, and then turn on the power
2. Press A or B detoxification switch to start detoxification
3. Without adding salt to the water, the ion concentration varies according to the water quality. The ideal ion concentration is 1.2. If not, add a small amount of salt to the water to increase the ion concentration to 1.2.
4. The ion concentration shall not exceed 2.5. If the concentration exceeds 2.5, it will alarm and need to be redone with water.
5. If you need to listen to decompression music, (the interface is beside the power cord interface at the back of the machine), plug the earphone into the hole in front of the instrument, and put on the earphone.You can also listen to decompression music when not using the machine, just according to the above method to connect the line, press the MP3 play button.
6. To download the new music, connect the host and computer with the cable. Download your favorite music from your computer.
Prohibited groups:
1. Electromagnetic devices in the body
2. Do not soak the wound area
3. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should do not use
4. Not suitable for children under 8 years old
5. People with low blood sugar must eat before they use it
6. It should not be used after organ transplantation
Package List:
1 x Host
2 x Ion Head
1 x Power Cable Plug 
2 x Wrist Strap 
1 x USB Cable 
2 x Pair of Earphone 
1 x Manual 
1 x Spoon 
2 x Spare Fuse 

1. Do not plug or unplug the power when there is water on your hands, and pay attention to personal safety
2. Wrist strap plug and function plate plug can not have water, accidentally touch the water to wipe dry and then operate
3. When using, hard objects should be avoided as far as possible, should not be scratched to prevent damage to the instrument shell
4. When dust is found on the surface of the instrument shell, clean it with a cloth. No chemical agents shall be used.
5. Press the button with evenly force to ensure the normal use of the instrument

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